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Vendredi 03 mai 2024 A new publication as part of the SAPHiR project in an Impact Factor journal (Applied Energy IF: 11.2)

Title: Improving probabilistic wind speed forecasting using M-Rice distribution and spatial data integration Authors: Roberta Baggio, Jean-François Muzy.  We consider the problem of short-term forecasting of surface wind speed probability...

Jeudi 02 mai 2024 A new publication as part of the SAPHiR project in an Impact Factor journal (Applied Energy IF: 11.2)

Title: Solar irradiance time series forecasting using auto-regressive and extreme learning methods: Influence of transfer learning and clustering Authors: Milan Despotovic, Cyril Voyant, Luis Garcia-Gutierrez, Javier Almorox, Gilles Notton Solar resource...

Mercredi 17 janvier 2024 New PhD student in SAPHiR project: Diego GRANTE - Impact of weather forecasts on the integration of photovoltaic and wind power into the electrical grid.

This thesis, carried out by Diego GRANTE and supervised by Christophe PAOLI and Rachel BAILE, is conducted within the computer system and ubiquitous system (SISU) team at the University of Corsica and is part of the SAPHiR project (ANR-21-CE04-0014-03)....

Jeudi 07 décembre 2023 de 09h30 à 17h00 Cours-séminaire Météo et activité électrique en Corse - Jeudi 07 Décembre à Corte

Présentation de Ms Sylvain Coquillat et Dominique Lambert (LAERO) le jeudi 7 décembre 2023 à Corte, Campus Grimaldi salle 206 sur le thème "Spécificités de la météo en Corse : focus...

Mardi 25 juillet 2023 New PhD student in the SAPHiR project: Killian PUJOL - heavy rainfall forecast with artificial intelligence

In the context of his thesis, Killian PUJOL, a new PhD student from Laboratoire d’Aérologie (LAERO) in Toulouse, has spent a month and a half working at the Laboratoire Sciences Pour l'Environnement (SPE) from the University of Corsica...

Du jeudi 06 juillet 2023 au vendredi 07 juillet 2023 TERINT 2023 scientific meetings: Breaking Down Barriers to Data and Code Sharing in Machine Learning Research

The aim of the TERINT scientific meeting is to enlighten the scientific communities on the advances in "smart territories", to refine the notion of smart, if possible, in different disciplines at the service of the territory through contributions...

Du vendredi 24 février 2023 à 08h00 au vendredi 28 avril 2023 à 12h00 Thesis offers 2023/2024 - Offre de thèses 2023/2024

The Call for applications for thesis offers for the year 2023/2024 is open until April 28, 2023 at 12 p.m. Go to the Doctoral School website : ecole-doctorale.universita.corsica > banner > Thesis offers 2022/2023 and on your Digital Campus, "Doctoral...

Mardi 03 janvier 2023 A new publication as part of the SAPHiR project in an Impact Factor journal (Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy IF: 2.8)

Title: Complex-valued time series based solar irradiance forecast Authors: C. Voyant, P. Lauret, G. Notton, J.-L. Duchaud, L. Garcia-Gutierrez, et G. A. Faggianelli, A new method for short-term probabilistic forecasting of global solar irradiance...

Mercredi 14 décembre 2022 Internship offer in Artificial Intelligence - Bac+5: machine learning for weather forecasting

This internship is part of the ANR SAPHiR project and proposes to develop new methods for predicting rare and extreme weather events at high spatial and temporal resolution. In this context, two complementary missions are envisaged: the first oriented...

Mercredi 16 novembre 2022 The SAPHiR project hosts a scientific discovery internship

The intern   Nicolas Ottavi-Nedelec is an undergraduate student at the University of Corsica where he is majoring in both mathematics and computer science as part of the “Licence sciences pour l’ingénieur”. Having always...

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